Construction Industry Update – April 2022

  February storms dampen construction output The week long battering by storms, Dudley, Eunice and Franklin dampened construction output in February as more working days were lost. Monthly construction output slipped by 0.1% due to lost time and project delays. The main contributors to the decline in February were new infrastructure, and non-housing repairs and […]

Recycled Aggregates being produced

The Recycled Aggregate Production Process

Stone reserves in the UK are in limited quantities which makes finding a sustainable alternative that doesn’t require raw stone material an important issue. By recycling demolition wastes we can reduce the amount of stone needed to meet the demand of the construction industry. In 2020, recycled aggregates made up 25% of the total aggregate […]

Quarried Aggregate: How Are They Produced?

Quarried aggregates are an important part of the UK economy. They account for 85% of the non-energy minerals extracted in the UK. The construction industry heavily relies on aggregates to help improve the UK’s infrastructure. in 2017, over 176 million tonnes of quarried aggregates were produced across Great Britain, making up 70% of the total […]

What is Gabion Stone?

A Gabion Stone is a large natural stone, generally between 80mm-200mm in size. They are used to fill wire cages known as Gabion Baskets, which are generally used to quickly create inexpensive but aesthetically pleasing retaining walls. Due to their natural and angular look they are now widely used across construction & landscaping to help […]

Construction Industry Update – March 2022

  Ukraine war to trigger fresh wave of timber price rises The trade body, Timber Development UK, is warning the marketing to brace for a new wave of price volatility in the wake of a call to ban ‘conflict timber’. The war in Ukraine will directly effect the supplies of Russian Siberian Larch and wood […]

Construction Industry Update – February 2022

Work exceeds pre-pandemic level after 13% output rise in 2021 Construction activity has overtaken its pre-pandemic level after output rebounded 12.7% last year. Official figures from the Office of National Statistics show construction enjoyed an r-shaped rebound in output from the pandemic. It was helped by the industry’s big effort to return to work after […]

MOT Type 1 crushing

MOT Type 1 Subbase: What is it?

What is MOT Type 1 Sub-base? MOT Type 1 Subbase or just Type 1 Subbase is a granular crushed aggregate. It is used as a subbase in construction work. Aggregate material is crushed to 40mm down to dust. This mixture of sizes makes it great for compaction, making it extremely strong with great loading bearing […]

A to Z of Aggregates

6F1 Selected granular material with a fine grading that is used for capping and can’t contain any more than 50% by mass of recycled bituminous plainings and granulated asphalt as per the specification for highway works. 6F1 is produced and used on the site of origin. If this material was to be imported to another […]

Construction Industry Update – January 2022

  New work surges as materials shortages ease Construction output bounced back again above the pre-pandemic high-water mark after a strong surge in new work during November. A 5.7% hike in new work lifted construction output by 3.5%, despite a small decline in repair and maintenance workloads. The surge lifted overall activity above the February […]

Construction Industry Update – November 2021

  Material cost increases hit forty-year high The Materials Cost Index conducted by the Building Cost Information Service shows price rises hitting a forty-year high. Analysts said that between January and September 2021 the greatest increases were seen. This rise mainly saw increases to steel and timber, with rises set to continue into next year. […]

6F2 vs 6F5

The Truth About 6F2 vs 6F5

We have noticed there is a lot of confusion when it comes to 6F2 and 6F5. There are lots of sources that state 6F2 is a crusher run that is produced using quarried stone. Whereas 6F5 is a crusher run but is produced using recycled materials such as demolition wastes. We have also seen it […]

Sustainably produced aggregates at Adswood

Is there a better time to be looking for sustainable alternatives? If you are after sustainable aggregate products then look no further. Adswood Recycling Centre, which is located just off the M60, produces a wide range of recycled aggregates for construction use. The processing centre accepts clean hardcore free of charge which is then scalped […]

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