Construction Waste Management

Introduction to Construction Waste Management

What is Construction Waste? Construction waste refers to the materials generated during any construction activity. It can occur during different construction activities such as construction, renovation, demolition, or excavation.   What is Waste Management? Waste Management actively manages waste throughout its lifecycle, beginning with the collection of waste at its source, followed by transportation, and […]


Class 6A Material: What is it?

What is Class 6A Material? Class 6A material is a selected and well-graded granular fill, that is used in highway construction. The grading requirement for this material are defined in Series 600 Earthwork of the Specification for Highway Works. This is the only aggregate within the specifications that can be used underwater, meaning it has […]

Class 6B

Class 6B Material: What is it?

What is Class 6B Material? Class 6B material is a grade of material that is categorised within series 600 Earthworks of the Specification for Highway Work. It is a selected, well-graded granular fill material intended as a starter layer You should place the material as the first layer or layers of fill above the existing […]

Construction Industry Update – November 2023

Refurb work edges construction back to slow growth Two consecutive months of construction output decline ended in September as the industry edged back to slow growth. The 0.4% recovery was driven by a 2% rise in repair and maintenance, which offset another fall in new work during the month of 0.8% In the new work […]

Class 6C Material

Class 6C Material: What is it?

What is Class 6C? You may have heard of Class 6C but what is it exactly? In the world of construction, Class 6C stands out as a specific kind of granular fill material that is consistently graded. This classification is a part of the Series 600 Earthworks and plays a crucial role in ensuring the […]

Construction Industry Update – October 2023

Construction output slides for second month running Construction output fell 0.5% in volume terms in August in a second consecutive monthly fall. With the wider UK economy bumping along at 2.0% growth, construction has now become a drag on growth rather than a driver. The decreases in monthly output came solely from a decrease in […]

Different Types of Construction Waste

The Different Types of Construction Waste

What is Construction Waste? Construction Waste, often referred to as Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste, is the by-product of waste materials generated during construction, renovation, or demolition. It includes a variety of materials that are no longer needed and need to be disposed of.   How much Construction Waste is Produced in the UK? According […]

Construction Industry Update – September 2023

First sign of price falls for construction products The first price drops for construction materials are starting to appear as supply returns to pre-covid levels and demand drops as the housing market continues to stagnate. The latest update from Construction Leadership Council’s Product Availability working group said: “The supply of most building materials returned to […]

70 thousand tonnes of feedstock secured

We are delighted to share the exciting news that our team has successfully secured an impressive quantity of over 70,000 tonnes of high-quality feedstock at Todhills Quarry, marking a significant milestone in our operations. Our processing team has been mobilised at the quarry, poised to commence the initial step of scalping the feedstock. Following this […]

MOT Type 3

MOT Type 3 Subbase: What is it?

What is MOT Type 3 Subbase? MOT Type 3 Subbase or just Type 3 is an open graded unbound mixture of aggregates. The material grading requirements are defined in Clause 805 of the Standards for Highway Works. Type 3 will be crushed down to a size of 80mm down to dust. It differs from MOT […]

Construction Industry Update – August 2023

Construction output jumps after three-month decline Following three consecutive months of declines, construction output increased 1.6% in June. A 2% rise in new work led the recovery, with repair and maintenance showing a 1.1% increase. The warm weather appears to have contributed to the increase in output across sectors, according to anecdotal evidence from monthly […]

Construction Industry Update – July 2023

Housing Slump Sees Construction Output Fall Construction buyers reported a drop in overall output in June for the first time in five months. The bellwether S&P Global/CIPS UK Construction Purchasing Managers’ Index recorded 48.9 in June, down from 51.6 in May and below the neutral 50.0 threshold for the first time in five months. The […]

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