Construction Industry Update – July 2021

Government puts firms on alert for £30bn mega framework The Crown Commercial Services has put contractors on alert for a new £30bn mega construction framework for public spending departments. Bidding will start in September, which will include races for places on the fourth-generation NHS ProCure 23 framework, MoD airfield works and major construction projects valued […]

Accepting Clean Soil for Golf Development

We are excited to be working with Booth Golf & Leisure and Headingley Golf Club in West Yorkshire. This partnership allows us to accept clean soils for recovery around Headingley and Leeds. The importation of material is permitted via a CL:AIRE DoW CoP scheme which is held by the contractor. These soils will provide the […]

Giant Hogweed Guide

What Is Giant Hogweed? – The facts about the invasive plant

  What is Giant Hogweed? Giant Hogweed or Heracleum Mantegazzianum is an invasive plant that originated from Russia and Georgia. It was introduced to the UK as an ornamental plant in the 19th Century. Giant Hogweed in the UK has been traced from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Seed list in 1817. The plant escaped […]

Himalayan Balsam Guide

Himalayan Balsam – A guide to the invasive plant

  What is Himalayan Balsam? Himalayan Balsam or Impatiens glandulifera is an invasive plant that was introduced to the UK in 1839 as an ornamental garden plant. The plant was native to the Himalayan region and grows rapidly causing issues for surrounding plants. The plant forms dense colonies which suppress neighbouring plants by shading them […]

The Different Types of Waste Soils

The Different Types of Waste Soils

Waste Soils is a term you will hear frequently when working in the construction industry. This is because according to Defra, the construction industry generates 51 million tonnes of waste soils which accounts for around 43% of all construction waste and 25% of total UK waste generated in 2016. What are waste soils? Waste soils […]

Construction Industry Update – May 2021

Homes England shifts to a dynamic framework Firms have been invited to tender for the new Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), which shifts from the agency’s Delivery Partner Panel system. This new approach will open Homes England sites up more widely to the whole market and be more flexible to accommodate market changes. The […]

Waste Soils and the Circular Economy Guide

Waste soils and the circular economy

What is a circular economy? A circular economy is a concept aimed at eliminating waste and making continuous usage of the resources available. This can be achieved by reusing or recycling waste soils or materials rather than disposing of them, helping to preserve the raw materials that are available. To put this into perspective, the […]

Construction Industry Update – March 2021

  Construction activity rises after December dip The amount of new work increased by 1.7% in January, this was mainly pushed by the private commercial and infrastructure industries, which grew by 4.5% and 3.1% according to the Office of National Statistics. Construction is still the only sector of the UK economy that is still growing […]

What is Muck Away

What is Muck Away?

If you work in the construction or civils industry you might have heard of the phrase ‘Muck Away‘. In simple terms, Muck Away is the process of removing waste, mainly soil, from a development site. The material will then be sent to the appropriate location for either disposal, remediation, or reuse. If your project produces […]

Construction Industry Update – February 2021

    Construction output drops for the first time since COVID-19 crash Monthly construction output fell 2.9% in December as the third national lockdown restrictions began to be felt and the Brexit transition period came to an end. This latest fall in output by the Office of National Statistics saw total activity fall back below […]

Guide to Waste Soils

The Definitive Guide to Construction Waste Soils

What are construction waste soils? During construction, the existing ground is generally excavated to create new levels, foundations, or void space for fill materials such as aggregates. These soils can be reused on-site as general fill, however, if there is no further use for the soil and it requires removal from the site, it becomes […]

Construction Industry Update – January 2021

  Construction recovers to a pre-pandemic level   The latest construction output figures by the ONS shows that the industry has rebounded. New work activity in November rose by 3.5%, this saw an overall 1.9% rise in month-on-month work, taking construction 0.6% above the February pre-pandemic level of output. Infrastructure led the way with 9.6% […]

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