MOT Type 2 Subbase: What is it?

MOT Type 2

What is MOT Type 2 Subbase?

MOT Type 2 Subbase or just Type 2 is an unbound mixture of aggregates that is defined by Clause 804 of the Standards for Highway Works. It is used as a subbase in construction work.

The material will be crushed down to 63mm down to dust. It differs from MOT Type 1 because it has more fines in the material due to a larger percentage of fine materials passing through the smaller sieve sizes.

Also, the supplier of the material doesn’t need to declare any grading ranges.


What does MOT Type 2 mean?

The grading requirements for MOT Type 2 were set out by the Ministry of Transport in the UK, hence the ‘MOT’. Although the official name for the material is just Type 2 Unbound Mixture.


What is Type 2 produced with?

Type 2 can be produced using both Quarried & Recycled materials.

These materials include natural sands, gravel, crushed rock, crushed slag, crushed concrete, and recycled aggregates.


What are the specifications for MOT Type 2?

If you are looking to use MOT Type 2 within the construction of highways it must meet clause 804 in the Specification for Highway Works.

The details for the specifications are below:


Summary grading requirements for Type 2 Unbound Mixtures

Summary Grading for MOT Type 2


Mixture and grading requirement categories for unbound mixtures

Requirements for aggregates used in unbound mixtures

Requirements for recycled coarse aggregates and recycled concrete aggregates

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