Sustainably produced aggregates at Adswood

Is there a better time to be looking for sustainable alternatives? If you are after sustainable aggregate products then look no further. Adswood Recycling Centre, which is located just off the M60, produces a wide range of recycled aggregates for construction use.

The processing centre accepts clean hardcore free of charge which is then scalped and crushed to produce construction aggregates. Not only can these aggregates be used on a variety of construction projects but they also come at very competitive rates.


Adswood has the following stock available for collection (Updated 22nd November 2021):

Please note for availability please contact the office on 0161 647 7409


REC 10mm Pipe Bedding

REC 20mm Pipe Bedding

REC 50mm

REC Fill Sand

REC Dust


5k tonnes

55 tonnes

10 tonnes

280 tonnes

1.5K tonnes

600 tonnes

4.5K tonnes


You can enquire online by clicking HERE or you can contact one of the team on 0161 647 7409

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