New Soil Recovery Location In Chester

We are excited to announce that we have secured a contract to assist in the restoration of Gowy Landfill. As part of the project we are permitted to accept 100,000 tonnes of suitable materials from local construction developments.

Our aim is to always provide a sustainable solution for excess soils arising from construction sites. Any material that we accept for Gowy Landfill will be used to restore the existing landfill site meaning it is exempt from landfill tax.

As part of the project we are working alongside contractors & hauliers in providing compliantly soil recovery solutions in removing their excess soils.

The site is situated in a prime location just off the M56 for easy access.

Any potential material will be assessed by our material acceptance team before it is accepted on site. If you’re looking for availability or a review on your excess soils, please send a site investigation report to

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