Mineral Supply Action Needed Before 2042

Operational Quarry and its existing benching


It has been reported that early action is required to maintain essential minerals supply beyond 2042.

The Town & Country Planning (Minerals) Act 1981 looked to introduce an end date for all historic planning permission for mineral working across Great Britain. This was set at 22nd February 2042.

This deadline applies to a variety of minerals and aggregates such as sand, gravel and crushed rock used to support construction activity. It also includes a wide rage of other materials such as cement, building stone, clay and lime.

It has been highlighted that a significant number of planning permissions will no longer be active after the 2042 deadline. Some of these operations will have exhausted their reserves before the deadline, but many rock and industrial mineral operations are likely to contain commercial reserves.

If appropriate planning and action isn’t taken early it could lead to a crunch in the supply of mineral products.

The future could be uncertain as to whether supplies are met by re-consenting of existing reserves or through securing new and alternative reserves. Either way the workload expected over the next 20 years will be significant.