Class 6H Material: What is it?

Class 6H Material

What is Class 6H Material?

Class 6H is selected granular fill material that is used as a drainage layer to reinforced soil and anchored earth structures.

The grading requirements are defined in Series 600 Earthworks of the Specification for Highway Works.


What materials can be used to produce Class 6H?

Class 6H can be produced using quarried & recycled materials

This includes materials such as Natural gravel, natural sand, crushed gravel, crushed rock, crushed concrete, chalk and well burnt colliery spoil.


What are the specifications?


Table 6/2: Grading Requirements for Acceptable Earthworks Materials


Table 6/5: Imported Onto Site Grading Requirements for Class 6 Acceptable Earthworks Materials


Series 0600 – Earthworks (

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