Waste Soils and the Circular Economy Guide

Waste soils and the circular economy

What is a circular economy? A circular economy is a concept aimed at eliminating waste and making continuous usage of the resources available. This can be achieved by reusing or recycling waste soils or materials rather than disposing of them, helping to preserve the raw materials that are available. To put this into perspective, the […]

What is Muck Away

What is Muck Away?

If you work in the construction or civils industry you might have heard of the phrase ‘Muck Away‘. In simple terms, Muck Away is the process of removing waste, mainly soil, from a development site. The material will then be sent to the appropriate location for either disposal, remediation, or reuse. If your project produces […]

Guide to Waste Soils

The Definitive Guide to Construction Waste Soils

What are construction waste soils? During construction, the existing ground is generally excavated to create new levels, foundations, or void space for fill materials such as aggregates. These soils can be reused on-site as general fill, however, if there is no further use for the soil and it requires removal from the site, it becomes […]

Japanese Knotweed Guide

Japanese Knotweed – The Ultimate Commercial Guide

What is Japanese Knotweed? Fallopia Japonica or Japanese Knotweed, as it is commonly known, is an invasive plant that spreads rapidly. It can be seen growing in late spring, through summer & into autumn. The plant dies back to ground levels in winter; however, its rhizomes (underground stems) remain deep underground ready for the new […]

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